Iconic fashion trends that are making a huge comeback in 2020

Last decades’ trends are making a huge comeback this year.

When it comes to fashion, history always repeats itself.  2020 fashion domain found some brilliant inspiration regarding iconic pieces from the ’90s,’80s, and even ‘70s.  Are you ready to update your wardrobe, or dare only for the reinterpretation of your clothes?

Here are some pieces that you will find relevant regarding this period’s fashion trends.

“Time in fashion is exponentially moving faster.” (Virgil Abloh)

Retro sunglasses

Inspired by late ‘90s this fashion item keeps burning today – the tinted glasses lenses.

Although they don’t offer that much protection you can instead think at them as an accessory that will dress up any of your outfits. 

Making some research we’ve noticed that celebs like Rihanna, Bella Hadid and David Beckham established these glasses as being that fashionable and they are adopting the trend with style.

The retro glasses come in many shapes and sizes – strong geometric frames, vibrant colors – the secret is to just dig a little deeper into the vintage looks and find your classics.

Baguette Shoulder Bag

A small compact handbag, baguettes were originally popularized by ‘Sex and the City’ in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now, thanks to celebs such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, the baguette has made a comeback. From Prada to Louis Vuitton and Fendi, major fashion companies have been taking their own spin on this fun, statement piece.

Baggy jeans

Who would have thought that the baggy look would be so popular? While many of us want to accentuate our curves with defined clothing, the baggy style has its own charm. A favorite of the 2000s, embrace this look by going for a slouchy and oversized pair. Be mindful to avoid looking like a sack by matching a well-fitted top with them. If you want to sport the Gucci-inspired runway silhouette, go for a relaxed peasant top along with a headscarf and aviator shades. 

Square-toed shoe

We can all agree that the shoes remain the ultimate fashion detail regarding an outfit.

The square-toed shoes were exceedingly popular in the ‘90s and they keep making their way back into the fashion conversation.

According to VOGUE this type of shoes made a comeback thanks to Daniel Lee – the creative director of BottegaVeneta – who presented his first runway collection for the house a year ago.

One good thing about this fashion piece is the fact that it presents a less traditional and more interesting way to accessorize. One single watchword is to bet on high heels, with geometric square tips, while always favoring sober and timeless colors.

Circle skirt

As many women are still rocking this classic piece on updated outfits it has made a huge comeback in fashion.

Inspired by the ‘50s fashion looks, the circle skirt became an experiment with different textures and accessories.

The best thing about this fashion item is the fact that it is just perfect for just about any age group and every body shape. Whether they are full figured or super skinny – younger or elder – this silhouette is bound to look good on any client.

Hair bandana

The fashion industry would like to call this item as the peak of the ‘90s and ‘00s fashion nostalgia obsession.

Bandana is one of those simple additions that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. The vibe that it was supposed to be induced by this piece was a little bohemian but a little pop princess too, and we have spotted more feminine prints like ditsy this season.

Match the colors with the rest of the accessories in your outfit, to make them look more cohesive.

Layered chain necklace

In this item’s case we could easily say that the fashion industry is having a love affair with the ‘90s – keeps coming back a lot of its playful pieces.

Chain necklaces have comeback in fashion and taken over your Instagram feed.

Following the division of creating an individually style defined by one’s personality, we can all agree that fashion industry is universal. Somehow always the same, but in a continuous process of changing, adopting day by day both classical and nonconformist aspects.

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