Fashion Pieces from the Tudor Era that Stood the Test of Time

The England of the Tudor reign was quite a singular era, since this royal house defined a grandiose chapter in the history chronicles.

It definitely was a period to remember historically, yet its excessive, lavish fashions also turned out to become rulers of the fashion world, as many pieces persisted from the Elizabethan era.

Perhaps Tudor fashion was one of the biggest, if not the biggest of all fashion moments – of all times in Britain’s history. Palatial looks from the 17th Century lured all eyes on them at their time, yet some of the pieces in style from back then are quintessential pieces in every women’s wardrobe – and they really don’t show any sign of going out of style.

Queen Elizabeth I, largely known as the Virgin Queen is the most characteristic figure of this era. She followed the fashion rules of the time so strictly that she even turned into a fashion victim: her flamboyant, picture-perfect looks basically are said to have caused her death.

Needless to say, being easy on the eye in the Tudor era was so important that even royals themselves were ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of a good impression, a look that embodied the extravaganza and hailed perfection, affluence, an image of supremacy.

Ornate, breathtaking (literally breathtaking, cinched waisted) costumes, made out of high-quality, luxurious textiles that were often transported from overseas, decorated in-detail with jewels and distinctive patterns were at the helm of Tudor women’s fashion. Not only the dresses were extravagant, but also, the makeup of the era was eerie: the elite painted their faces in white, they looked spotless and flawless, so that they suggested an image of wealth, supremacy, since tanned skincolour was associated with the working class. The price of looking otherwordly picture-perfect was, however, that face paint contained ingradients of toxic nature.

Queen Elizabeth I, the Royal Highness herself poisoned herself with the beauty routine she pursued. Fair skin, with a handful of blush on the cheeks made her look iconic.

Even though the overall fancy, flamboyant and taken-to-the-extreme haute couture garments did not become a trend to be followed in the evereyday-life style, some characteristic pieces that enliven the chic of the Tudor era are incorporated in many looks, they basically have persisted through the centuries.

Let’s have a look on the trends that outlived the Tudor House:

  • Meticulous, lavish jewelry with gemstones + the choker necklace:
  • White shirts, often with ruffled detailing:
  • White shirts combined with a dress on top:
  • Velvet textiles:
  • Corsetry:
  • Wide sleeves:
  • Turtleneck/ High collar style:
  • Embroided textiles:
  • White fur:
  • Precision in every detail:
  • Square neckline:
  • Pale faces with blushed cheeks:

Which Elizabethan-inspired piece do you prefer the most?

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