About Shades of Fashion

Shades of Fashion is meant to unravel the astonishing array of shades that has broadened the fashion palette throught the eras. Unimaginable as it may seem, after engrossing yourself into the puzzle of ensembles, the furtive world of fashion itself from a bird’s eye view, you’ll be at a loss for words to find out that there are a lot of momentuous trends, quite different ones, that seemingly just come and go. However, all past trends have one thing in common: they all keep coming back, inspiring and defining current attires and fads. The whole world of fashion is a perpetual loop in fact.

Dazzling works of imagination from the past, surprising bygone trends from diverse cultures, startling ancestral or tribal heritage pieces, versatile, functional pieces of cloth that turned into art or inspired ready-to-wear collections, daring ensembles embodying the extravaganza from historical eras -and the line is pretty much never-ending – are part and parcel of state-of-the-art fashion, the one that we, current admirers of fashion keep falling head over heels in love with day by day.

Venture with us on journey of fashion, soak up and discover the unexpected ways in which the fashion indusrty has been twisted and moulded into its current shape. Also, catch a glance on the future as well: what lays ahead of the fashion industry is partially a secret designers might never spill, but we are about to unveil some insightful aspects of it.

With Love,

Shades of Fashion Team

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