The fashion trends you need to follow in 2021

2020 was complicated for each and everyone with a global pandemic going on, economic problems, and of course other problems everyone encountered this year. So it’s not to wonder why we want this year to go to trash and we are all hoping that 2021 will be at least better than this one. In terms of fashion, the situation is kind of the same, everybody is waiting for the newest trends of 2021 to make their appearance and to give a fresh look to ourselves and our wardrobes too. So here are some suggestions on what to wear in the following year straight from the catwalk of the biggest fashion houses:

1. The Anti-Neutral Color Trend

After spotting it on the S/S 21 runways, all fashion websites started predicting that bubblegum pink will be the color trend of 2021.

2. Shoulderpad Oversized Blazers

2. Ruffles and Tiers

Tiered skirt or floaty sleeves, you will love these feminine dresses for the next summer. Long or midi skirts can go wonderful with some sandals for a day walk or some boots and a jeans jacket for a summer night walk.

4. Head Scarf

This trend is having its inspiration in the 50s and 60s and it’s going to make a huge comeback in 2021. It’s easy to integrate in your daily outfits and it’s going to give you a fresh and different look.

5. Prairie Inspired Dresses

Inspired by the 70s. the long fluid dresses with pressed flower prints and maybe some big, bold shoulders, all inspired by the prairie, are the must-have of the 2021 summer.

6. Sorbet Pastel Tones

You have a variety of pastel colors to choose from, you can combine them with other more powerful colors or go for a full pastel outfit for the next spring or summer. Style this outfits with a blazer or some heels and get a classy yet fresh outfit.

7. Folk Inspired Coats

This wonderful coats go well on every body type and will look fantastic over a full black outfit or a neutral colors outfit. Make sure you get one for the next autumn.

8. Second Skin Tops

This kind of tops not only will emphasize your body but will also give you a sexy look whenever you feel like. You can style them in many, many ways, they are versatile and easy to wear, even if you wear them under a dress or just with some jeans and a jacket, and these are just some suggestions because you can’t go wrong with these tops.

Of course, these are just a few of the fashion trends that will make the fashion scene of 2021 better and more interesting than last year. We can’t wait to give our wardrobe and our Instagram feed a fresh look in a whole new year. Wishing you all happy holidays and let’s hope for a happier new year.

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